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Fabiana Almeida
As a Senior Associate, I contribute to both Warren and Mahoney's Digital Support and BIM teams, delivering advanced digital solutions and BIM services across our Australian studios. What I really love about working here is the vibrant atmosphere of innovation and collaboration.
My interest in BIM took off during my time in Germany, where I worked on a series of large-scale projects that highlighted the transformative power of collaboration and data management in the construction industry. Embracing BIM at WAM reflects our commitment to delivering high-quality projects that exceed our client's expectations. I am surrounded by colleagues who are passionate about exploring new technologies and pushing the boundaries of design, which is truly inspiring.
Tom Locke
As Head of Design in our Auckland studio, I’m really grateful that my role allows me to encourage and support our team to do their best work. Architecture is a team sport; to deliver good work you need people pushing better design outcomes all the way through the process.
I’ve had two experiences that stood out during my childhood which influenced my decision to study architecture. My father built a boat in the backyard of our property when I was growing up, and I was roped into working on the boat in my school holidays. Seeing the slow evolution of this and the gradual resolution of details into the finished (floating) object gave me an inherent appreciation for project-based work and craftsmanship. The other was when my parents had a ‘wind-rain’ house designed for them by Nigel Cook at Ahipara. I was quite taken by the idea you could go to work and draw for a living, so that sealed it. WAM supports flexibility in my role. In a practical sense, I’m able to work anywhere. Sometimes that means basing myself with a client at their place of work. Sometimes this is working from another studio. I love the interactions I’m able to have daily with our diverse team, who all share a focus on doing great work in partnership with our clients.
Kate Roach
I started as a Principal in mid-2023, and it’s been a big learning curve. For the previous eight years, I’d worked at my dining room table running a small practice. My decision to join WAM in Melbourne was based on the great depth of diversity in the types of projects we have. It’s also energising to be around such a young, enthusiastic team.
It’s easy to share your successes, however, the real-life stuff – gastro outbreaks, nannies that cancel at the last minute, calls from the nurse at school and emotionally exhausted kids at the end of the day – this is what colours each week. I wouldn’t be able to get through it all without the supportive and flexible working environment I have here at Warren and Mahoney. People really trust and look out for each other.
Te Aritaua Prendergast
I am an Associate Principal - Te Matakīrea Design Lead at Warren and Mahoney. My whanau hugely influenced my decision to study architecture. I am a direct descendant of Hingangaroa – a renowned Māori artist and skilled artisan - and his wife Iranui, who was an architect and is known to have taught engineering techniques to other tribes. Māori culture influences everything we do in Aotearoa, where our connection to the land comes through our whakapapa.
Being a leader in the Te Matakīrea team, I try to lead from the front as Sir Apiranga Ngata would the haka, but also to step back to let others shine. Your humility is your greatest strength when working with indigenous design. At Warren and Mahoney, I believe we have the strongest team of Māori and Pasifika designers in Aotearoa and we each feed off each other and are inspired by each other’s work every day. That is something that I truly enjoy, and which motivates me to strive for better design outcomes that are as innovative as they are indigenous. We have a great inclusive work environment and supportive teams that reflect the Māori proverb: Ko te whare e hanga te tangata, ko te tangata e hangaia e te whare. “The whare (house) builds the people, the people build the whare (house).”
Peta Nichols
When I was promoted to Principal, I was told ‘to shape the practice around what you want it to be’. We are given the space and the ability to test and shape how we work, but also have the support around us to excel at that work. The opportunity to be involved in some of Australasia’s best projects means working alongside an incredibly talented team of people, and with highly experienced consultants and contractors.
There is flexibility in the way that we work that means my work, or homelife isn’t impacted when things don’t go to plan. Warren and Mahoney trusts its employees to get the job done and if this means that you need to come in late one day, or work from home because your little one is ill, that’s ok. One word to describe the culture here is supportive. The practice supports everyone in the best way that they need it; whether that is with work experience, specific training, or just being surrounded by knowledgeable, passionate, and ambitious people.
Rory Keegan
As a Senior Associate at WAM, I have the opportunity to engage with more people within the wider studio network, and a sense of responsibility to encourage and support the growth of others. The open and approachable culture here makes for a working environment that allows people the freedom to challenge. There are so many varied voices with different perspectives, interests, approaches, and priorities that keeps every day fresh and engaging.
Architecture appealed to me because it touches so many things. I’ve always been interested in history, technology, people, culture, and making things. Architecture sits in the middle of all those things and so much more. It is the backdrop to everything we do and something we all experience every day.
Alexandra Smith
I am currently an Associate at WAM. My journey began when I joined Warren and Mahoney in 2014 with an internship in Christchurch between semesters of my Auckland University Master’s degree. I soon felt quite at home here and a few years have become many! I’m enjoying advancing my career, earning my architectural registration, and a promotion to Associate in recent years. At WAM we have this incredible opportunity to bring about positive change through healthy, sustainable, and inspiring places. I find it very rewarding to bring such high-quality projects to life with our team.
Warren and Mahoney has a longstanding reputation as a reliable architecture firm, and we are continually evolving. Our people are forward-thinking, innovative, and passionate. Our team manages to find this wonderful balance between big-picture, blue-sky thinking and meticulous attention to detail.
Matt Reid
I worked as an Interior Designer in WAM’s Auckland studio for several years before transferring to our Wellington studio where I had an opportunity to deliver a project that we’d designed in Auckland. Working between different studios has allowed me to connect with a wider group of incredible people and work on a range of projects.
As an Interior Designer, we have an opportunity to influence so much of how people live their lives. That curiosity with the way I see and engage with a space, from the macro to the micro, led me to a career in curating meaningful experiences for people to live, work and play. I’ve been fortunate enough to work on a variety of projects at all scales and typologies while at WAM. Importantly for me, I feel trusted and have been given the creative license to lead projects that have made me one of our interior leads in our Wellington studio. What I most enjoy about working here is that no matter how busy we are, people are incredibly generous with their time to listen and lend a hand.
Tamara Tongatule
My career at Warren and Mahoney started as a Personal Assistant, to Project Administrator, and now to my role as Tauranga and Auckland Studio Manager. What I enjoy most is the variety and diverse range of work that makes up my role – from event coordination, health and safety to managing the administrative functions.
I was born in Niue, and family is very important to me. I often refer to those I work with as my Warren and Mahoney family - it's such a vibrant, collaborative, and energetic workplace. As one of New Zealand’s largest architectural firms, it’s easy to think we would be a large corporate company where our people are only numbers on a spreadsheet. But at the heart of WAM is a group that encourages diversity and inclusion, is passionate about creative potential, celebrates your contribution, recognises the need for environmental sustainability, and is supportive of the team’s mental health and wellbeing. It’s a great place to work!
Thomas Zhou
As a recent Architectural Graduate, I was genuinely drawn to the opportunity to work for a large practice like Warren and Mahoney, known for its strong reputation in the architecture and design field. Their design approach for young architects has provided me with opportunities for growth by actively involving me in every facet of the project's development.
WAM are not like your traditional design firm. Every member of our team is dedicated to more than just fulfilling individual tasks. We come together in a collaborative spirit, both internally and with clients and stakeholders, to achieve better outcomes. What I enjoy most about working here is that I can participate in projects at different stages and work alongside experienced architects.
Hayley Fisher
I am a mother to two young children, and I would not be the Studio Lead of our South studios at Warren and Mahoney if I didn’t have a support network that includes both my own family, but also a flexible professional working environment.
What I enjoy most about working here of course always comes down to the people and the projects. There is a strong culture of creativity and excellence. As an organisation, we undoubtedly work hard, and we strive to achieve our best and excel at every project and task we undertake. With this culture comes a responsibility that we care and support one another. There is a great comradery in our practice and a lot of respect. It really is a wonderful, challenging, exciting and supportive place to work and grow as a creative.
Emily Newmarch
I am an Associate - Low Carbon Design and Research Specialist. My passion for the environment and sustainability played a significant role in shaping my career path. Architecture provided the perfect platform, allowing me to think innovatively and engage with the creative process, while mastering the technical aspects of carbon assessments. There are many different paths you can take while pursuing a career in architecture. Whether you want to specialise in one area, like sustainability or low carbon design, or be more of a generalist across the design process, working at a practice like Warren and Mahoney offers lots of opportunities to grow and learn.
The culture here can be best described as inclusive, supportive, and high-performance. It's a place where everyone feels valued and respected, regardless of background or role. What I enjoy most about working at WAM is the combination of a collaborative environment and diverse projects that makes every day both interesting and fulfilling. With the support of Warren and Mahoney, I have been able to grow my knowledge of low carbon design and architectural practice, which has put me on unique career path.
We want people to join us to do the best work of their careers in an environment that supports and amplifies ambition.
Samara Haver
Group Recruitment Manager

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